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We have been working on this blog while training with several gyms telling our story along the way, Gyms such as KC Muay Thai, Entram Gym, Chakal Gym, among others. We are open on visiting your gym to train there and give your gym the exposure in the social media you are looking for. Not only trough this blog but also trough Facebook, Twitter and other web media.

With MMA becoming a rapidly growing sport, as a fellow athlete I started this blog because I had questions, there isn’t enough information out there about the sport or the people who practice it. All of your questions are welcomed and we are also open to writing articles about what interests you about the sport in our blog and for other pages or publishers.

If you would like us to review a product, either MMA or sport oriented product it can be featured in our blog. We are also Sponsor and PR friendly.    😉

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Email us at: mymmalifeblog@gmail.com

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We are also on Tumblr: mymmalifeblog.tumblr.com

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Mymmalife is a personal blog, we are not a certified nutritionist, MMA coach nor travel experts. We are only sharing our experiences and interests a long the way. None of the content written in this blog is meant to offend or hurt anyone or any group, these are only our personal opinions on the sport as a part of our life.

We respect our readers opinions as well, upon proper request we may remove comments, posts, messages or images.

If you are not a MMA, jiu jitsu, Muai Thai or yoga practitioner, I advice to not try to do the drills or exercises without proper training or supervision. We don’t take credit over the videos as well, unless recorded by our selves. Most of the videos are found online by different authors and are posted only to instruct or help with proper exercises and drills.

We are not  certified nutritionists, any advice or tips regarding nutrition and eating habits, are only based on our own experience.


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